A Documentary Film





You might say that the Tennessee Valley Authority is many things to many people…we like to think that the TVA is many people, hailing from many generations and every walk of life.  Built for the People will paint compelling portraits of Tennesseans whose lives were touched by a revolutionary idea of change and the truly unique region they and their families have all had a hand in transforming.


Built For the People takes us inside the lives of an Iraqi war veteran, museum curator, marine biologist, Cherokee Appalachian poet, and father and son rock musicians. Each has a strong and far reaching tie to the landmark events that make up the TVA’s history - - ties they feel just as strongly today. Theirs are stories of family, sacrifice, pride, and hard work.    


Built for the People will not be a historical documentary; it will be a document of history, a portrait of the TVA as it has drawn lifeblood from a legendary river and offered it to the people in the name of progress.


In his 1933 Fortune article on the TVA, James Agee wrote, “In this enormous machine the balance wheel is human.”   To drive this moving message home, each ‘chapter’ of Built for the People will connect to a specific TVA landmark that has transformed the heart and mind, and often the entire life course, of a central character.  In turn, each character’s story will express how the TVA, in good times and bad, has always been a powerful force for change in the Valley, sometimes in ways one would have never expected.