Herb Alpert: Music For Your Eyes


Length: 26 min, 46 sec.
Format: 35mm at 1:1.85 projection format
Stereo Optical Sound
Original Format: High Definition
Copyright Date: 2002

Director, Producer, Writer: Tom Neff
Executive Producer: Lois Riggins-Ezzell

In Herb Alpert: Music For Your Eyes, we are introduced to Herb Alpert the artist. Everyone has heard of his Tijuana Brass, but what they donít know is that he has been a serious painter and sculptor for over 30 years.

This documentary explores his abstract paintings and his more figurative bronze sculptures, focusing on the first major retrospective of his work given at the Tennessee State Museum. We see and hear how music has infused his paintings and sculptures through color, concept, and form.

The entire musical score to this uniquely visual film is composed and played by Herb Alpert himself, and his shy nature is probed through his artwork.

Herb Alpert: Music For Your Eyes was produced by the Tennessee State Art Museum Foundation, with Executive Director Lois Riggins-Ezzell serving as Executive Producer.


Film Credit Information

Producer/Writer/Director            Tom Neff

Line Producer                            Jimmy Holcomb

Editor                                         Barry Rubinow

Director of Photography             Steven Douglas Smith

Sound                                        Mark McLaughlin
                                                Thomas Morrison

Mixer                                           Michael Davis

Camera Crew                               Jeff Clark: Steadicam

David Brown                                Key Grip

Tim McGinnis                              Gaffer

Aldo Porras                                 Focus

Interviews                                    Lois Riggins
                                                    Phil Kreuger
                                                    Peter Frank
                                                    Herb Alpert
                                                    Lani Alpert Hall
                                                    Kristan Marvell