Quiet Hero is a gripping documentary tracing the heroic escape and exploits of Polish resistance fighter Ryszard Kossobudzki, father of Emmy Award winning journalist Rita Cosby. After 65 years, he is finally breaking his silence and sharing the details of his dramatic and emotional story.

A young, Polish Catholic boy of 17 during the Nazi occupation of Poland, Ryszard Kossobudzki witnessed first hand the horrors of the Warsaw Ghetto, living only blocks away. He remains one of the few still alive today who personally witnessed the atrocities and can describe them. He still has nightmares of the woman on fire plunging from an upper story building. He could hear the pleas of those behind the walls, the shots and shouts at night, but like many was often helpless to intervene.

This would change.

He would try to help those behind the walls, and witnessed the courage of those trapped Jewish citizens as they rebelled against the tyranny of Nazism. Ryszard Kossobudzki joined in the fight. During the Warsaw Uprising, he became one of the Eaglets, a small group of young boys trained to fight; such units suffered an 80% casualty rate. As one of the Eaglets, he was on the front-lines, fighting house to house, going through alleyways and sewers. He was later injured, taken to a German POW camp, and helped mastermind and lead an incredible escape of over 1000 prisoners Jews, Poles, and others -- to US forces. Had they not escaped, they would all have been executed.

Quiet Hero reaches across divisions of faith through the heroism and determination of the human spirit. Quiet Hero celebrates the compassionate nature of Man as told through the eyes of a boy who became a man by refusing to tolerate inhumanity. This is a story of a personal heroism which transcended differences of religion to help other human beings in bondage.